The River of Souls!

This movie is a more in-depth story of the Soul Hunters,
introduced during the series in the episode Soul Hunters.

The year is undefined during the movie, but is set after
Delenn and Sheridan have relocated to Mimbar, G'kar and
Lyta have taken off for parts unknown, and Earth has
been liberated!

The River of Souls has no Sheridan, no Delenn, no Londo, G'Kar,
Kosh - actually, hardly any of the main characters from Babylon 5!

Present are Garibaldi, Commander Lockley, Security Chief Zack Allan
and Dr. Stephen Franklin.

The story centers around Dr. Robert Bryson's long search which
brings him face to face with the Soul Hunters and the tomb of
the souls they have "saved" itself!

The reslulting termoil caused by his actions are brought
headlong to Babylon 5!

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