Welcome to my site dedicated to arguably the best Sci-Fi TV show ever produced!
I am truely one of the biggest fans of Babylon 5 and am determined to create a site
that is informative and functional, as well as entertaining!

I have had the great pleasure to have met, either in person or by e-mail, a few of the
main cast members, and all have been wonderful! I feel honored that they have taken
time out of their busy schedules to spend a few minutes with me.

I will have episode information, as well as the movies,
and of course all the spin-offs (Crusade & The Rangers so far).
Be it noted here that I will NOT try to give a detailed synopsis
of each movie and episode. I will instead give a general overview
and hopefully it will inspire all to watch the entire series!

But first, with heavy heart a list of dedications to the fallen:

This one's hard for me, as I had the greatest of pleasure
to have met Jerry!! He was a good man, and will be sorely

A dedication to the first Commander!

Another sad loss, Delenn!

Another dedication to the Doctor!

And unfortunately, another one for G'kar!

Sadly, Zathras has gone beyond the rim also!

And a farewell to Zach Allen!

While he was only in 4 episodes, Efrem was a key figure in
the fourth season!

For my page that links to other Babylon 5 actors websites, as well
as other interesting/helpful sites, click here!

Any suggestions for this site can be directed to me at: bab5.net